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Romance: Romantic Moments of Darian Stavans´ Music



C o m p r a r  -  R o m a n c e



CD Romance / Darián Stavans - Piano


Romance - Momentos Románticos en la Música de Darián Stavans.


Romance - Romantic Moments of Darian Stavans´ Music.


El CD "Romance - Romantic Moments of Darian Stavans´ Music" habla de los momentos más románticos de la obra musical de Darián Stavans. También es un sampler musical. Es una buena oportunidad para familiarizarse con el arte romántico de Darián Stavans y al hacerlo, relajarse a través de escucharlo.


Romance - Romantic Moments of Darian Stavans' Music collects the most romantic moments in Darian Stavans’ musical work. This album is also a sampler, but the intention is different as it tells listeners about the author’s musical moments that place him in another sphere. It is an x-ray of his soul, and therefore, of our own. It represents a great opportunity to get to know the artist and at the same time delight your taste for good music.



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